We called in Cambridge PC support when the main computer was attacked by a virus which anti-virus software had failed to exclude. This was our first use of Cambridge PC Support, and arose because our previous computer support arrangements had fallen through. Kevin Price was prompt, efficient and knowledgeable. He not only cleared the problem, he also introduced better and more cost-effective anti-virus protection while at the same time substantially improving computer operating efficiency. We have since recommended Cambridge PC Support to another user, who tells us they are also very satisfied
Chris McDouall
Kevin has helped me in a number of occasions, each time with a different sort of problem; i.e. connecting broadband, RAM upgrade, possible security intrusion, and collapsed hard drive. He gives clear hourly quote which is sufficient to cover the jobs to get done, or the work finished over a weekend and we are back to the business on Monday. I feel better when my PCs have been inspected and “cleaned” by this competent young man. One thing – he is not a sort who wastes your time with smooth talk and chatting
Kingston, Cambridge
I was delighted with the service from Cambridge PC Support; who not only arrived at my house 1 hour after my ’emergency’ but stayed on until late in the evening until the problem was rectified and PC back in working order. Not only was the response and solution great; Cambridge PC Support also advised me on the preventative measures to be taken and introduced in order to prevent future problems occurring via teenage downloading!
Chesterton, Cambridge