Laptop & Notebook Repair

Laptop & Notebook Repair


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cambridge notebook repair


We provide a fast and competitive laptop and notebook repair service. Most customers get their laptop back within just a few days! We are able to diagnose laptop faults and provide a quote for a speedy repair.

Contact us now to arrange collection of your laptop or notebook from your home or business. Once we have diagnosed any faults we will then provide a competitive quote for repair and delivery back to you.

Laptop and notebook power connection faults often occur which will result in the laptop battery not being charged and the laptop not switching on once the battery has fully drained. Sometimes you can wiggle the connector to get the charging light to illuminate. We can replace or sometimes repair the connector within the laptop. This is a skilled job requiring great care and experience.

Laptop and notebook screen and display faults are common and are not usually too expensive to repair if the screen itself does not need replacing. Screen replacement is a complex task as it is easy to break the replacement screen.

Liquid and fluid spills can severly damage a laptop or notebook. If this has happened then you must immediately the battery and the power lead. Then turn the laptop upside down to let as much fluid out as possible. Do not be tempted to switch on the laptop until it has been professionally checked by us and repaired as you may cause more damage.

Hard drive faults on laptops are quite frequent due to the laptop being a mobile device and liable to being dropped or banged around. If Windows doesn’t work properly and there are frequent crashes or lockups then it may be that your laptop hard drive is damaged. If this is the case, we can attempt recovery of your data and replace the hard drive.