Stay Safe

Stay Safe on the Internet

Computer crime is increasing at an incredible rate. If you use your computer for online shopping or online banking then you need to be sure that you are protected against the risk of identity theft. Below is a list of the things you should be aware of if you have a PC connected to the Internet.

Don’t use Internet Explorer
Because there are countless bugs in Internet Explorer and it is very prone to viruses and worms. It is also extremely prone to spyware and adware. It is slower than other web browsers. We can install an alternative web browser for you which is more secure, will block pop-ups and give you more features such as tabbed web browsing and integrated web search.

Install anti-virus software
Because installing anti-virus software on your computer gives you a layer of vital protection. Anti-virus software will automatically scan files and emails as they are opened to make sure that your computer isn’t infected. Better still, if you do have a virus on your system, most anti-virus software will automatically remove it. We can install free anti-virus software for you and tailor it so that it automatically protects your computer and updates itself on a regular basis.

Regularly update your system from the Windows Update web site
Because it’s the web site that has the most recent updates for your operating system, software programs and hardware. It will keep your software updated with the newest and most secure code for device drivers, security, reliability and performance. Windows Update scans your computer and lists the updates needed on your system, you can then choose to download and install them at your convenience.

Install a good quality personal firewall
Because, on the Internet, hackers use malicious code – such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses – to try to find unprotected computers. A properly configured firewall can help protect your computer against these and other security attacks. We can install a good quality firewall for you or configure your existing firewall to give you the best protection.

Backup your most important data
You should protect against accidental data loss by regularly backing up your most important data such as documents, music, email, web favourites, email contacts, photos, etc. Don’t trust any of the main computer shops to backup your data before repairing your computer as they will often delete your entire hard drive before starting work on it!

Do not open suspicious looking emails or that you were not expecting
Because those emails may contain viruses, trojan horses, spyware or adware. Always be very careful with opening attachments, even from people you know.

Regularly scan your computer for spyware and adware
Because spyware and adware are at best annoying with pop-up windows and at worse can assist criminals to steal your personal identity. If you use your credit/debit card online or online banking then you really should be certain that your computer is spyware/adware free. We can install the Microsoft anti-spyware software for you and configure it so that it automatically updates itself on a regular basis.

Ensure your wireless connection is secure
If you have a wireless network in your home/office you must ensure that the wireless network is encrypted. If you run an un-encrypted wireless network then anyone within a few hundred metres can use your broadband connection for nefarious purposes such as stealing your bandwidth, sending spam email, or worse, downloading child porn without your knowledge. We can ensure that your wireless network is secure so that you and only you are using your broadband connection.